Electrical Contact Tool

The (6.00 x 8.50) inch tool shown below stamps a electrical contact from a coil of brass.  The coil is 0.031 inches thick x 0.750 inches wide, and the tool's progression is 0.313 inches.

contact - upper

contact - lower


Sample CAD Designs & Part Applications


The (85 x 36) in tool shown below stamps 2 parts per hit of the press.  Due to the critical dimensions for hole locations, there are 2 cams implement into this tool to punch the critical holes after the part is formed to a 90 degree angle.  

clamp - upperclamp - lower


Pre-Painted Coil Stamping

The (45 x 42) inch footprint tool shown stamps parts from pre-painted coils.  The parts are highly cosmetic, so we do not run any lubricant on the raw material for the stamping process.  The parts are hand-packed into egg-crated packaging.  We stamp 500,000 parts per year off of this tool in various-colored parts


 pre-paint - upper

pre-paint - lower